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The Shame Of Audio Money Amongst Africans Home And Abroad As It Concerns Our Self Esteem By Adewale K. Peters

* The Shame of Audio Money And The Joy Of Silent Money In Africa And Amongst Africa Home And Abroad As It Concerns Our Self Esteem By Adewale K. Peters * For real, in life we have what is called audio money, the type of money begging to be noticed wether in the social media or in the physical, some even pay for the hype of the glitz and glamour, real money is sound prove. It is unfortunate that most of us has for long imbibed the so called counter productive etched "Afro American Capitalist Culture" of "if you no get money hide your face"; To me this is a big lie, the real minds who control the wealth and economy of the world are quiet people and almost faceless because they have all chosen to stay quiet and allow forbes list to continue to fool and lie to the rest of the platoon world of lies. Little do we see Queen Elizabeth name on the world Forbe list and she owns about 1/5th of the worlds wealth to include Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Part
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Gender Equality And Needless Gender Rivalry Between The Male And Female Folks In Africa. By Adewale Peter

If I must add an intro sound track to this piece i would play the 1970 Abba Gold debuilt track, "The Winner Takes It All or "Chiquitita" By the same Abba Gold."* A child miseducated is a child lost. I love every avenue availed to me to learn something new. But believe me, i must tell you the woman in question here is also right, you are also right, but cooking, paying bills, bride price is everyone's duty regardless of your gender status. That I am always at the forefront of advocacy for gender equality does not mean we should always land everything on a woman's lap or the woman's table to do our dirty business and laundry. We men must learn to accept the responsibility for the faults in a relationship or marriage even when we are right, thats a sign of a true man or a true leader. Playing blame game is a show of cowardice just as the showmanship of our martialling antics and rants of "am the man to the woman's ears" is always a

When Will Nigeria Start Employing CCTV Cameras And Drones For Digital And E Policing?? By Adewale Peter

When Will Nigeria Start Employing CCTV Cameras And Drones For Digital And E Policing?? By Adewale Peter Nigeria is an amazing nation on the face of the earth. If am not mistaken some would agree with me that Nigerians are the second most populace race in the world next to China with a total population slightly more than that of india with a population of about 950 million persons if we are to go by head count all over the world. With 220 million persons bounded within the Nigerian boarder and territory and 730 million Nigerian Citizens dispersed or displaced all over the world for alot of economic, political, leadership and security reasons,  like the Israelites of the world with presence in almost every country of the world today doing great things. On the average, 2 out of every 5 blacks or Africans are Nigerians.  It is appauling that lack of proper parameter for data collation has always undermine this fact for the greater economic advantage of the subject country. Unli

*"The Integral Life, As It Is In The Elders Scroll And In Matrix 4" By Adewale Peter The Zen Master,*

*"The Integral Life, As It Is In The Elders Scroll And In Matrix 4" By Adewale Peter The Zen Master, +2348141208884"* Wisdom is love. love is not a ring of roses as we assume it to be. love flows like water and air, and where those two elements are missing, everything in the semblance of life would die out in no time. Christ Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32)  That is the code on the CIA emblem. Knowing  both good the and evil. The reason why many associate wisdom to the Serpent as a sign like the Medicea of old, The Israelites and Romans serpent mark, the Medical Guild, The Cushite (Negroes who ones used to rule the world, Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon, as you have in the bible verses, Genesis 10 & 11, Genesis 2:7, Genesis  10:8, Zipporah the Cushite/Black woman: Exodus 4:25, Numbers 12:1, Genesis 2:3 The same serpent sign of wisdom used by the Chaldeans, king Solomon, The Krishnas, the Assyrians and host of o

How To Make The Nigerian Naira Become #4 Naira to $1 US Dollars Within 24 Hours. By Adewale K.O.P

*How To Make The Naira Become #4 To $1 Within 24 Hours Without Too Much Grammar Using Simple Elementary Maths. By Adewale K.O.P* *This is a Proposition For The Naira Currency Re Denomination Policy* In The wake of agitation for systemic and government policy and administration reforms along the EndSARS Protest and for a better quality of life, Nigerians should not forget to make this one of there top priority on our list of agitation.  We need to redeem the integrity and image of our defaced and devalued Naira note amongst the committee of nations. This is not a tip off to burst open more concealed Covid 19 palliative centers by the government agents but for us to have a sense of purpose.  As Nigerians, we should agitate for the implementation of this singular objective of currency re denomination for our seemingly lifeless Naira and kobo or purchasing power to be brought back to life once again. Our present and past leaders knows this but alot are not ready to speak up for

Best way to get rid of offensive mouth odour once and for all

*The Best Way To Get Rid Of Offensive Mouth Odour And Stop The Teeth From Further Decay.* Without much talk with our mouth covered in our hands to feel our breath, it is true most of us must have spent a fortune trying to curb and get rid of our embarrassing mouth odour having tried many options from varieties of mouth wash, to lots tooth paste and several dentist recommendations and dental consultations.  Amongst a lot of painstaking options used to deter the stubborn oral bacteria build up in the mouth I have been able to come up with a resolve that gives a lasting and reliving solution employed by a few out there. Here comes the answer; "simply get red and yellow Tetracycline capsule, mix the powdery substance in it with water and gaggle with it for 15min min to 30min. Do these repeatedly every 2days interval for 1 week and your done. Repeat it every 3 months. If you are pregnant woman, you can use this to kill your mouth odour by gaggling and later spit out after 1

Poetry: Hyacinth Of An Urban Shine

* Poetry: An urban skyline (HYACINTH UPON ANTHILL) sapphire iris, * in a burrow of evanescence, your scent unsound frozen by ebony anthill, Farewell to a birth mother, flowing your thoughts in Spring, the family tree in yonder orchid aloof a gaze in the vase, streaming salty wake in our eyes, in the aftermath of crescent ebb we heard, the ghost in April storm, a killing knife for sepulchre over your pinkish iridescence, you have held the birds to curfew, all on perch as China pall rolls hyacinth upon anthill.... By Adewale Kelvin